Blues Clues is one of the furthermost popular parties for the beneath the age of six herd. Blues Clues gathering items are glibly saved online, at supreme organization stores, or section stores. Most any bakeshop is wont to to making african-american music clues cakes of sundry sizes, so whether you store online, at forte event stores, or just department stores, you will be certain to breakthrough what you are looking for.

Normally, the visiting database for children beneath the age of six is ready-made up of family, and child's room school, kindergarten, or early gathering classmates. The unspecialised key is that the younger the child, the less children should be welcome. Even extraordinarily flyspeck offspring on the whole have a privileged associate (or virtual) their age, and they should be invited, but lashings of teeny friends can mental state chaos, until the kid is at lowest possible kindergarten age or older, so support the guest chronicle apropos for the age of the wedding anniversary boy or fille.

Painting cerulean paw prints on twinkly faces, is a extreme opening to your own Blue's Clues Party. A Blues Clues Cake, cobalt hit (Bottled biff in blue, or packaged swill mix in cerulean complex well, if you are pressed for occurrence) and whelp chow rounds out the bill.

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heme Blues Clues TPuppy Chow:

9 cups Chex Cereal

1/4 cup food or margarine

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1 Cup Semisweet Chocolate Chips

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter

1/2 cup pulverized sugar

Place cereal in a heroic bowl.

Place brown chips, peanut butter and dairy product in prevailing conditions electromagnetic radiation innocuous vessel. Microwave at HIGH 1-1/2 written record or until full once moved. Stir in vanilla. Pour drinkable fusion concluded cereal, exciting until all pieces are steadily oily.

Pour drink into huge plastic bag beside small-grained sugar, quiver until pieces are coated. Spread on waxed newspaper to freeze.

Store in air-tight shopping bag in icebox.

Makes nearly 9 cups.

Blues Clues Party Activity

Let respectively youngster form their own "magic."

This is an activity that each one will delight in. Let respectively youngster receive their own "magic." This act would be top peripheral or in the kitchen.

You Will Need:

-Blue food coloring


-Sealable Sandwich Bags


Pour 1 cup cornstarch into the snack food bag. Add blue-black supplies food color to 1/4 cup of dampen. Slowly add 1/4 cup of sea various to the starch.

Carefully grasp the overload air out of the snack food bag and holdfast it close up. Instruct all fry to nicely manipulate the sandwich bag until the brew is economically amalgamated and smooth, but not to mishap the bag.

The offspring will be astonied as they perceive the liquid, and cognise it is 'dry'!

Be infallible parents any hang about to help, or cognise correctly once the participant is complete. It is e'er a apposite perception to view a map, or directions to the get-together spot, near the invitations, and be terribly circumstantial as to once the guests should arrive, and in particular once the parents should decision making their minor up at the party's end.

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