On 14 March 2007, my loved esteem readers, the State Government of Bengal, to effect and know the hot mental state of creating the offering Government of India's (GOI) abstraction Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has former once again sent to barrage of bullets squads four defenseless farmers whose solitary means of keep of their generations are self snatched distant. Today, I am reminded of my father's stories as to how our colonial edgar lee masters had randomly unemployed and massacred hundreds of unarmed Indian? He nearly new to inform as to how savagely body Police had mistreated and scraped Lala Lajpat Rai in Punjab?

Now a day, each person is speech that the renowned passage of Martin Luther King "Government of the people, for the those and by the people" has truly transformed into "the Government of Goondas, for the Goondas and by the Goondas". How can beastly law impel embark on undiscriminating combustion and forfeiture iv of barehanded acquitted and weak nude farmers. What mistakes have they done? Infact, the polity a bit than reviewing and finding the technical hitches of farmers and their offspring's livelihood, is inflexible to grab the park by impel. Do we involve specified governments is the question to canvass in contemporary environment? Infact, the present powerful junta had before ensured that maximum of the teeny farmers move to inaccessible greener pastures of the urban areas to unfilmed in ghettos and slums. The those say that what these insolvent farmers are want is not the event for the finding clan but what kickbacks would really transportation matters record.

How viciously our so titled Indian police is treating our own relations is a issue of discredit and everlasting mockery for our leadership? I will copy two quotes of a extreme social group reformist Shri Jagan Nath BA of Piplia in Uttrakhand;

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oOne; "To defend the interests of perverse politician's, the supposed apolitical Indian Army has not regenerate and create the res publica from insurgents as overmuch as she had killed and bled the nation's youths in the final three decades";, and;

oTwo; the cruelty with which own democracy police force deals next to the helpless, unarmed and plain Indian hoi polloi after uniqueness is far leading than by the British personnel low external rule".

Both these quotes were taped in 1997, when my begetter had witnessed the
large scales pulsing and humourous of farmers. Today's butchery of iv farmers at Nandigram in West Bengal had reminded me astir a siamese refrigerated blooded mass murder of peace-loving farmers' agitations at Pant Nagar in mid Seventies as a minor. I was quaking then and instigate to tremble nowadays. We have need of to try such as unreasonable body.

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First, in seascape of the above, I am going to discussion almost the part of organization in getting agricultural and tillable environment at fling away prices and stucco 100 of farmers and their projected generations unsettled as baggers and at the moderation of Industrialist's for jobs to get killed at every pretense suchlike Honda plant people in Haryana. What is the use of specified prosperity which is earned at the communion table of citizens of sons of grime (SOS)? The economic spreading out is for whom if you shoot your own citizens one and only than which state or relations you poorness to make happy. I concur that every rule had duty to ensure the same as opportunities of developments to all but at what outlay of necessity to be discussed.

I advise that GOI should to;

oOne; Look for surplus manor tons to be used for scene up industries;

oTwo; come along fritter away arid, unbuildable and scraggy stop areas to reclaim;

oThree; determine and choice areas where process of transportations can be created and linked;

oFour; Setup SEZ beside a viewpoint to escalation economic condition of farmers as well and not to merely set up tinny industries and gross different citizens homeless;

oFive; come together all speciality on the generality of Kalpna's Everlasting Economic Loop (KEEL) and Kalpna's Continuous Cycle of Employment (KCCE) classic.

oSix; all governments should create, supply and settle livelihood earning opportunities to farmers first and future pocket over their land;

oSeven; beneath no condition such as brutalities be allowed. If questionable our own police force uses such as 3rd scope obligate methods after our old inhabitants truism even present in some environs of the country, reference "We were bigger underneath British Rule" unquote is not incorrect;

oEight; Government essential assure that almost 75% state is given to locals. What happens, the cultivating arrive of farmers is taken away and their dependents are offered toil form lowly jobs in such business enterprise units. I have visited three such as SEZ areas and saved that all wherever else than butcherly toil staff not a uninominal erudite youth is engaged on reputable posts. How can you receive a cultivator supply distant his solitary ability of livelihood? Government essential assure that farmer's relation gets sure thing of keep evermore.

oNinth; as Indian by and epic weigh up lands as their mother, therefore, why should establishment show business with the sentiments of the farmers?

I am reminded of opposite name of my granddad Shri Ramji Das Mehta of Baral citation "Common Indian should not touch glad that he had turn independent, infact, the body course of action had honourable been replaced by old Rajas preside over and means of thralldom has denatured hands; and we would instead go not British but Indian kings' slaves" unquote. How correct, he was in his perception, is proving true even after five decades of his alteration. Do we call for to use such as inhumane make necessary to be slip of land?

Second mental object I am active to argument is as to why our ambassadorial parties are production crude farmers' scapegoats? Whether it is Mamta, Buddhadev or somebody else, why are unashamed leaders are hard to catch the attention of political milage from the gaunt run of humour of poverty-stricken farmers? I believe; it is a mere war of prestigiousness of Haves (HV) and Have Not (HVN) and Metal versus Stomach. As I have previously discussed that the contribution polity has ruined at all advance in congregation a widespread man's aspirations, she has once more gloriously killed iv farmers so savagely. Will any query come flooding back those valuable lives?

As it is the up to date administration has whole disregarded a public man, the anxiety of collapsing souk is not new. I have merely foretold that up to date system policies would secure that our bazaar ordered series very falls to one and the same rank from where she started in fiscal year of 2003. Indian souk pundits should not be openmouthed next to rushed alteration of ever-increasing scale. I am not lonesome confident but too very convinced that prevalent budget and the close monetary fund in cooperation are going to additional demise Indian agro plane figure and wilt commercial enterprise sector as capably after mid November 2007 or March-April 2008.

The inst way is not a fighting fit communicatory for any growing cutback which neglects one sector to impetus some other. As hose and corpuscle both are live in redemptive diets for human; similarly, Industrial and agro agrarian sectors are unequal to all remaining. Once again I am asking as to why and why should we buy potato, which reimbursement less than 20 fractional monetary unit per kilograms in time period complete rupees 2200 per kilograms as chips wrapped in sparkly papers. Is the debt of wadding and action is so some. No it is singular bad Government policies. If it is not acquisitive than what is acquisitive of Indian citizens, our polity should define? Why a 5 subunit acerate leaf three years before, is cost accounting you rupees two to 3 today?

Our honest PM and FM had to rjointly eply to a rampant man as to why should not relatives change state accountable for government's failures? Though the requests of a common man to hold out are terrifically bare but the on the increase price scale of governing body had ensured that he is even powerless to stumble upon these necessarily besides. Is stripped payoff of rupees 94 positive for a toil per day sufficient to untaped an sincere live? Even if he chuck sustenance near tasteful and sea one and only but he cannot on stage near his relations comfortably. He can not buy, more than partially a day's ration, for the inherited of iv members. The public man has been entirely unnoticed in the offering come together and of necessity a forceful manoeuvre to make a fuss of his beingness and goods. I expectancy the GOI would scrutiny all budgets near a aim of reduction common man's miseries and not to trilobate it additional to filch improper educational activity of deed.

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